All Price List

TypeAverage Cost
Wedding PhotographerSee WEDDING PACKAGES $
Engagement Photography$295 – $595
Event Photography$500 – $1,000
Family Photo Shoot$145 – $500
Senior Pictures$125 to $350
Portrait Photography$145 to $295+
Birth, Baby and Newborn Photography$320 to $650
Maternity Photography$350 to $1,500+
Pet Photography$150 to $300
Real Estate Photography$150 – $1,500
Product Photography$295 – $495
Commercial Photography$250+ per image
Drone and Aerial Photography$100 – $500
Business Photography$400 – $600
Prom Photography$75 – $125
Graduation Photoshoot$100 – $299
Headshots$75 to $325
Food Photography$150 to $500+
Lifestyle Photography$150 to $370
Band Photography$300 to $1,000
Nature Photography$200 to $500
Construction Photography$175+ per hour
Sports Photography$150 to $300
Fashion Photography$400 to $1,000 per session
Website Photography$35 to $150 per image

Engagement Photography Prices

For engagement photo shoots, the average charge is around $295 to $595. At $500 and up, you’ll typically get extras like full rights to the images, prints and digital copies. To get more discounts on engagement photos, you can book as part of a bigger wedding photo package. See WEDDING PACKAGES $

Event Photography Rates

Event photography rates range from $150 to $250 per hour with a 2-hour minimum, then $100 per hour for every hour after that. Small events like birthday parties cost $295 to $595, while a 4-hour event runs $700 to $1,000, including photo editing and setup costs. For corporate event photography is about $200-$600 hourly.

Family Photo Shoot Prices

Family photo shoot prices start at $145 for a 30-minute session at one location, and from $399 to $1,099 in metropolitan areas. If you spend around $445, then you can get photos in up to three locations with wardrobe changes, as well as Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Senior Pictures Prices

The average price for senior pictures is between $125 to $350. The cost of senior pictures varies according to how many locations you choose, how many photos you order, and how many wardrobe changes you have. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Portrait Photography Pricing

Portrait photography prices range from $145 to $295+ per session, which usually lasts for about an hour. Average rates are $250 for a package deal. For longer 2-hour sessions with around 12 professionally edited photos in high resolution, packages are $350+ with online photo.

Birth, Baby & Newborn Photography Prices

Due to the extra time generally involved in newborn photo shoots, baby photography packages cost around $320 to $650. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Maternity Photography Prices

A 60-minute maternity photography session indoors or outdoors with wardrobe options and 15 high-resolution digital downloads is $575 total. Additional hourly rate is $150, each additional hour includes 15 additional high-resolution digital downloads.

Pet Photography Pricing

pet photography session costs is $150 per hour with up to two pets and two people, though you can add more subjects for just $25 each. Photo prints and retouched digital images are available as a separate purchase. Packages start at $300 plus prints with professionally retouched photos for $159 and up. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Real Estate Photography Pricing

$150 to $350 per shoot (without video), depending on where you are located. Architectural photography day rate of about $1,500, with the price including lighting, assistants, and the post-production photo editing. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Real estate photography rates will increase depending upon additional equipment that the photographer may have to rent, travel expenses, setup time, etc. To cover the base expense of performing the photo shoot.

Interior Photographer Rates

Interior photography rates to get magazine-quality photos for interior designers, home sellers and architects are around $299 for a property less than 2,000 square feet. The price increases according to the size of the area photographed.

Product Photography Pricing

Average product photography rates range between $295 – $495 per image. Like most promotional photography prices, this number fluctuates based on how much time they need to set up each product and rent special lighting. If the images require significant time to retouch, then it will also cost extra. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Commercial Photography Rates

Commercial photography rates range from $150 to $250 per image, or $200 to $300 per hour, plus more for licensing rights if they’re headshots for a law firm, for example. Prices change according to how much setup time is involved and what additional services the photographer offers. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Business Photography Pricing

To get stunning images promoting your business, $400 for up to 4 hours of shooting time and coverage of the interior, exterior, staff, and products. For the same kind of coverage for 8 hours at a larger business, corporate photography rates increase to $600 or more. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Prom Photography Prices

$75 to $125. Prom picture prices can include the photographer’s sitting/reservation fee, and the session usually takes place right before the dance. For an additional fee, you can book photos in multiple locations as well. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Graduation Photo shoot Prices

Graduation photo shoots cost between $100 and $150 for 2 hours of shooting with digital images only without retouching. For $299, service at two locations, wardrobe changes and online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads..

Lifestyle Photography Prices

$370 – 600 per hour on average for a 60-minute session and 25 well-edited photos. Packages cost up to $800 for a 2-hour session with up to seven people and 40 professionally edited digital images and online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Band Photography Rates

Band photography rates start at $300 for a simple portrait and headshots-only session. Packages cost $500 or $1,000 for booking an exclusive location like a high-rise rooftop in the city for the photo shoot with professional lighting, sets, and extensive retouching and resizing afterward for album covers. Exclusive photo licensing rights can also cost extra and online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads..

Model Photoshoot Prices

A professional model photoshoot costs $150 to $300 per hour plus the price of printing the photos. However, prices vary significantly for those aiming to be professional models. A new model that just joined a modeling agency often pays for their own test shoot, which could be $400 to $1,000.

Exceptions to this standard are when an agency decides to deduct the cost of the photo shoot from the model’s future earnings. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Sports Photography Rates

Sports photography pricing ranges from $150 to $300 per session. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Fashion Photography Rates

$100 to $300 per hour or more to cover the expenses, seasonal work, location setups, and other rentals as needed. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Website Photography

Local website photography cost around $35 to $150 for each image. However, large-scale commercial photographs that require additional setup time and special lighting often cost more. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Photoshoot Prices

In photo shoot pricing, standard portrait photography rates are $150 to 200 hourly. These prices are for the average client who only wants to share the images with their friends and family. Online photo album with high-resolution digital downloads.

Should The Buyer Own The Copyright?

Federal law states that the photographer owns the original copyrights to all of their photos as soon as they take them, especially for commercial purposes. Most buyers would only buy the copyrights to images when they want to resell the photo exclusively, if the image includes their proprietary personal brand symbols or trademarks, or if they have personal reasons why they don’t want the images licensed to anyone else.

If you do not specify that you want to buy the copyrights to your images, then a photographer is free to license them to other companies for marketing purposes and feature them in their portfolio.

A copyright purchase always comes at an additional charge to the price of hiring the photographer for the original photo shoot. Keep in mind that a photographer must grant copyright privileges in writing because copyrights don’t automatically transfer to the buyer with their purchase.


In metropolitan areas, between $650 and $2,500 for complete coverage of a Quinceanera for up to six hours with an unlimited number of images, digital downloads, and prints. Prices go up to $3,800 for up to eight hours of photo coverage and portrait sessions with all the guests.

Nightclub Photography?

Nightclub photography is around $125 to $225 hourly.